Walpole Sportsman's Association Inc. 

Team Information, Membership, and Fees 

The WSA program starts in March with orientation and safety training for new members. The formal practices and competitions begin in April and run thru the end of August. Athletes who want to try trap shooting before committing to the team are encouraged to coordinate a visit during open range time with the Head Coach. We will have a new member orientation in late February or early March so Parents and Shooters can come down and see the facility, speak with the coaches and get all your questions answered ahead of time. 

New Athletes will be paired with coaches thru the first year of participation. As skill sets increase, demonstrated safety behaviors engrained and coaches become more confident of athletes and vice versa, boundaries will be extended. If joining the team late, Athletes must still complete the safety training before shooting with the team. Athletes might have to be a spectator for a few practices as a result. The cost of the season will remain the same unless you join after July 1st, at which time, the entry fee will be pro-rated. 

The Youth Program Membership fee is to be paid in full at the time of registration. Due to the increasing cost of materials, especially targets and ammo, the 2011season fee is $500 per shooter. This fee covers the program, ammo, targets, includes safety glasses, hearing protection, shooting vest, 1 year Youth membership in the SCTP, ATA & Mass ATA, and Junior Membership in the Walpole Sportsman’s Association. Additional membership in NSCA, NSSC, GOAL and USA Shooting is encouraged but not required. Practice Rounds not shot will not be refunded therefore we encourage 100% participation. NOTE: USA Shooting membership is required in order to compete in the Junior Olympic Trials to be held in May. Consult a coach for more info on the J.O. program. 

Targets and Ammunition are included in the registration fee except for two or three optional such as the Bay State Games and Junior Olympic Trials and other fun shoots as well as the Nationals (should we qualify). Additional charges apply to these events and need to be paid in full by no less than one week before the event in order to participate. 

The Club itself is providing sponsorship for the program to help defer the cost. As such, we expect team members to contribute to our stewardship efforts and give back to the club in the form of time and labor. There are several projects that need to be completed and our team is more than capable of working those projects. More to follow. 

Joining Late 

The Fee for joining the program will remain $500 until after the Mass State Shoot. Fee for joining after the State Shoot is $250. Exceptions are at the sole discretion of the Coaching Staff and will be evaluated on an individual case basis. Coaches’ decisions are final.

Address: 499 Lincoln Road, Walpole Ma 02081 

Phone: +1 (508) 668-6919

Email: seanphanley@gmail.com

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