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Ear and Eye Protection is required of all shooters Shell bag to carry your stuff in Vest or pouch to manage your shells 

12 or 20 Gauge (light 20 gauge models recommended for beginners) Pump, Semi Auto or Over and Under are all good choices for Trap. Semi Auto or Over and Under recommended for Skeet or Sporting Clays. 

Recommendations for the beginner (20 gauge recommended):
Benelli Nova Pump, Synthetic Stock
Beretta AL391 Urika 2 20 Gauge Youth (very light weight)
Stoeger Condor Youth O/U 20 Gauge Youth
Remington 1100 or 11-87 Semi Auto (12 or 20 gauge)

Recommendations for experienced and or older shooters (12 gauge recommended):
Benelli and Beretta Semi Auto’s
Remington 1100 or 11-87 Semi Auto (Trap, skeet, sporting)
Remington 870 Pump (Trap)
Winchester Model 12 pump (Trap)
Browning BT99 (Trap)
Browning Citori Over & Under (all)

Gun fit is the most important part of selecting a shotgun for your shooter. Ensure the weight, length of pull and stock height at the comb fit before you purchase. Consult coaches for further information and recommendations. 

These are just examples and not meant to restrict a shooter to a specific model or promote a specific brand. Shooters should be able to handle the firearm safely and control the movement with ease. Coaches can provide shotguns for use while on the range. Availability is limited so we encourage participants to bring their own shotguns. Athletes will also learn proper care and cleaning and will be responsible for cleaning firearms after every use. 

WSA will provide safety glasses and foam ear plugs. Athletes may provide their own ear and eye protection. Ear and Eye protection is required when shooting and when on the range. 

Although we provide safety glasses at the beginning of the program, it is strongly recommended that each participant who intends to continue in shooting sports, that you invest in safety glasses with interchangeable lenses of different colors. This allows the shooter to adjust to different lighting and weather conditions. Ear protection: There are many different options but the two basic types are “over the ear” muffs and “in the ear” plugs.

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